DOP Canary Islands


Viticulture 80 variedades diferentes de Vides identificadas y conserva un extraordinario patrimonio vitícola, en gran parte endémico. Es una de las cuatro regiones a nivel mundial totalmente exenta de la terrible plaga de la filoxera… Read more

Mission and philosophy

The denomination of origin protected Islands Canary is the fruit of the determined and firm bet of the Association of winegrowers and winemakers of Canary (AVIBO) for the sector's future. An initiative inclusive that was born with the idea of consolidating the market regional for power face… Read more

Grape varieties

There are around 2000 varieties of grape various, in the from table, the appearance of the fruit is a key factor in the selection and in the winemaking is attention paid to the physico-chemical characteristics of the grape juice… Read more


Regulation by which will govern them wines of quality of them Islands Canary and specification of conditions on the operation and features of the denomination of origin protected Islands Canary (Download of attachments). General information about regulations and regulation of the… Read more