· This is a document that compiles all the relevant aspects about the uniqueness of Canary Wine

· The initiative has been promoted by the Canary Islands PDO – Canary Wine through the EAFRD funds

Islas Canarias, November 30, 2021. The Denomination of Origin Islas Canarias – Canary Wine will publicly present its book entitled “About Canary Wine” these days.

This is the first document that collects and jointly presents all the relevant and necessary aspects to explain and understand the uniqueness of Canary Wine, dealing with aspects such as the geological origin of our soils, the climate and the topography, as well as the different varieties, the history, types of wines, cultivation techniques and heritage, current situation of the sector and cultural landscape and sustainable tourism.

All these topics have been developed in depth by prestigious and reputable professionals, technicians and researchers such as Miguel Febles, Agustín García, Javier Luis Álvarez, Juan Enrique de Luis, Francesca Fort, Jorge Méndez and Josué Ramos, the work being directed and coordinated by Juan Jesús Méndez Siverio.

This novel initiative has been promoted by the Canary Islands PDO – Canary Wine through the EAFRD funds and aims to be a useful tool both for winegrowers to better understand their environment, and for wineries when arguing the singularities of their elaborations. In the same way and way it will be a didactic instrument of great value for marketing professionals through which they will be able to base their sales arguments, at the same time that for professionals in the hotel industry, restoration and specialized stores it will serve to explain the product to the end customer. . Finally, it is also intended both for the specialized media, as well as for the end consumer himself. Given the importance of the work, it is expected that the English version of this work will be released shortly.

This type of informative projects are part of the continuous, clear and decided commitment of the Denomination of Origin Islas Canarias – Canary Wine with the wine sector in its training, in addition to being a very effective tool to bring anyone interested to the knowledge of the history, culture and wine project encompassed in the Canary Wine concept


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