Bodega El Lomo launches the first PDO Canary Wine PDO wine backlabeled with the toponymy of the municipality of Tegueste

Canary Islands, Thursday, January 20, 2022. The first single-vineyard wine of the Islas Canarias Designation of Origin Canary Wine, after the approval of the new specifications, is now a reality.

This is a wine from Bodega El Lomo which, in addition to putting on the market the first wine from a PDO plot, has the peculiarity of being the first to also be back-labeled with the toponymy of a municipality with a long wine-growing tradition, such as that of Tegueste, another of the new specification inclusions.

Bodega El Lomo’s “Origen 1989” wine is made from grapes grown, produced and bottled in the municipality of Tegueste, its origin being in a singular plot nicknamed “Los Laureles” located on the slopes of the Tegueste Valley at an altitude of 600m above sea level in the northeast of the island. The varietal strains that make up the vineyard are the result of a selection carried out more than 80 years ago by the family that owns the plot, of Basque origin but great wine lovers. Canary and its varieties.

This wine from Bodega El Lomo is a limited series of 1,317 numbered bottles, created from the Listán Negro, Vijariego Negro, Tintilla and Castellana varieties. The creation of “Origen 1989” is marked by the singularity of the vineyard: manual harvest carried out at its optimum point of maturity, spontaneous fermentation, six months in 500-litre French oak barrels and, finally, unfiltered bottling where a minimum of another six months, resulting in an expressive and complex wine that perfectly reflects the hallmarks of the terroir and the coupage of the Canarian varietals used in its production.

Among the main novelties provided by this new Specifications of the Canary Islands PDO, it can be highlighted that the types of wines and their parameters have been adapted to the current regulations of the European Union.

On the other hand, the recognition of the mentions Tenerife and Fuerteventura as minor geographical units is included as a novelty, and from now on the name of these islands can be included on the label as long as the grapes come 100% from the islands and have been elaborated and bottled in the same island. Likewise, the municipalities are recognized as smaller units provided that the condition of origin of the grapes, elaboration and bottling within it is fulfilled.

In addition, and as a great novelty, the mention of Plot Wine is accepted, which is that wine made from grapes from the plots included in a rural area or site with edaphic characteristics and microclimate that differentiates it from those of its surroundings, adapting to Law 6/2019 on Agrifood Quality of the Government of the Canary Islands.
This new Specification is nothing more than the most effective tool that winegrowers and wineries attached to the Canary Islands Denomination of Origin will have from now on to differentiate correctly, with the necessary guarantees for the consumer, their elaborations, putting in value the uniqueness of our Canary Wine.

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