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Felipe Monje

05 MayFelipe Monje (Canary Wine): "Americans think differently, With a very open mindedness; Who are here feeling how we do it is a plus for all "

Felipe Monje has been one of the hosts who received the delegation of a dozen importers, dealers and restorers…

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Jessica Gualano

04 MayJessica Gualano (Bowler): "Once an American has seen photos and videos, know the story and try them, is very easy to sell Canary Wines, because I love them"

Jessica Gualano is head of sales company Bowler on the East coast of USA. During this interview shows…

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Félix Meana

02 MayMeana Felix (Katie Button Restaurants): "It is very easy to my surprise someone with the DO Canary Islands"; they give much play"

Meana Felix has worked with award-winning chef Andrés José and is now owner of Katie Button Restaurants, serving 600…

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01 MayDavid Helter (Napa Valley East): "Ocean air permeates the grape and when it is squeezed brings this salinity makes a unique wine a Canary Wine"

David Helter is Napa Valley East Sales Manager, importer and distributor in Miami (Florida), and is part of the…

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30 Apr,,en,April,,enAn important mission of importers, dealers and restorers of United States visit wineries and cultures of Canary Wine

A delegation of prominent importers, dealers and restorers of United States visited for more than ten days different wineries and…

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