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Canary Wine


06 JunCalled the 16th contest Regional "Letters of Canary wine" for catering, Restauración y Tiendas Especializadas

The Council regulator of the protected designation of origin (DOP ) Canary Islands (Canary Wine) launches the 16th edition…

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03 JunBodegas Tamargada and Bodegas Ferrera, assigned to the Canary Islands DOP, Award-winning in the 33rd edition of the Premios Baco

Two wines under the protected designation of origin (DOP) Canary Islands have been awarded in the thirty-third edition of the…

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16 MayProfessor of viticulture Jose Ramon Lissarrague advocates the improvement of the performance of the vineyards in the Canary Islands

Professor of viticulture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid Jose Ramon Lissarrague considered the major challenges faced by…

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14 MayJuan Jesús Méndez (Bodegas Viñátigo): "It must increase production and make the wine sector more attractive to young people"

The owner of Bodegas Viñatigo, Juan Jesús Méndez, defend the increase as the main challenges of the wine in the Canary Islands…

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10 MayThe president of Canary Wine defends the heroic and exclusive viticulture of the archipelago's wines

The President of the Canary Islands DOP (whose trademark is Canary Wine), William Candentey, highlighted the enormous exclusivity of the…

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bodega 1861

07 MayThe uniqueness of the Canary Wine excites expectation in the importers, Distributors and restorers of Europe, America and Asia

The presence in Fenavin of the Canary Islands DOP, through his trademark Canary Wine, generated numerous expectation, by…

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Felipe Monje

05 MayFelipe Monje (Canary Wine): "Americans think differently, With a very open mindedness; Who are here feeling how we do it is a plus for all "

Felipe Monje has been one of the hosts who received the delegation of a dozen importers, dealers and restorers…

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Jessica Gualano

04 MayJessica Gualano (Bowler): "Once an American has seen photos and videos, know the story and try them, is very easy to sell Canary Wines, because I love them"

Jessica Gualano is head of sales company Bowler on the East coast of USA. During this interview shows…

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03 MayMore than 50 meetings attest the high expectation of the Canary Wine at Fenavin

More than fifty arranged meetings and numerous requests in reservation of major importers, dealers and restorers to enter into business relations with…

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