The headquarters of the denomination of protected origin (DOP) Canary Islands, located in the Tenerife municipality of La Guancha, It will host a new edition of the annual meeting of wine makers of this PDO next Wednesday 19 de junio a partir de las 10:30 hours.

The day will begin with a presentation on the current state of the DOP and the steps to be followed in the future to consolidate itself as a reference tool for the wine sector in the archipelago.

At the moment, about the 35% de las 180 wineries that exist in the Canary Islands are inscribed in this denomination of protected origin, more of 525 associated growers, from all the Islands, and with more than 500 hectares of crops.


Wines from the Canary Islands DOP are a highly prized product in local markets and international by the characteristics of their native varieties. The possibility of producing wine with any of the 80 varieties that exist on the Islands, with its qualities and different nuances, It makes the wines are placed in the best positions of the best guides in the world qualification.

No obstante, It is still way to go and it must insist on the steps are taken. We must continue promoting the training and international competitions, national and insular and facilitating missions abroad for the winemakers of the AOP, so respond to the demands of the markets.

This PDO is a tool that allows to place quality standards higher than the rest of denominations by the certifications of quality set out in their terms and conditions for the sector.

Antonio Palacios, Biologist and Professor of sensory analysis in the University of La Rioja and CEO of Iberian Excell laboratories, It will offer a course attendees on the wine sensory defects, aimed at professionals in the sector and, especially, to developers. "It will be a very practical day which you be taught to identify poor characteristics in wines to prevent them developing in the cellar", has palaces.

In laboratories Excell Iberian wine quality controls are carried out and analyzed its chemical characteristics, Thanks to the "cutting-edge" technology available. There have been also analyzed Canary wine, a few products, in the words of palaces, "historically original" due to the grape varieties, climatology and wine systems, among other factors.