The President of the Canary Islands DOP (whose trademark is Canary Wine), William Candentey, He stressed the enormous exclusivity of Canary wines, where the 100 per cent of vineyards are sown on ungrafted, Since the Islands were free of phylloxera, thus becoming one of the few Territories in the world which did not suffer this scourge.

The town of Cangas de Narcea, Asturias, welcomes the 17TH Symposium of the Association of museums of the wine of Spain (AMVE). Its aim is to highlight key areas of heroic viticulture, their varieties and singularities, that concentrated the 5% heroic viticulture in Europe.

In this forum of experts from across the country, Guillermo Candeltey addressed a commented tasting all the participants, that special and appreciated features of the Canarian wines could appreciate.

Candentey added the volcanic features, the salinity of being surrounded by the sea, the more than 80 variedades (most only existing in the Canary Islands) Y, that is the reason for this Congress, the vindication of traditional agriculture, mountain or desert. Heroic, In sum.

The President of Canary Wine explained the origins of the heroic viticulture of the Canary Islands related to the conquest of the archipelago through the moments of splendor and global recognition of the Canary to its decline as a result of the Treaty of Methuen (Treaty of cloths and wines) between English and Portuguese, and its subsequent revival from the last century.

There he recounted how the wine industry had recovered remarkably in recent years, regaining something of the splendor with which these special flavors conquered the world.