Pascal Privat spirits expert ensures that, to advance in the field of the sommelier and so Diners are "happy", the sommelier must be in continuous learning, always knowing new products and to those who made them, to communicate it in a "humble" manner that allows enjoy and learn. "The sommelier should awaken the curiosity of customers and discover them authentic products", points.

This French professional believes that the sommelier is a profession "very valued and internationally recognized". Despite the fact that formal training is recent and limited, There are many sommeliers who have a very valuable experience and this journey, alongside concern about both the tradition and new trends, It is what makes a good professional.

Pascal Privat travelled to Tenerife to teach during the day 21 Y 22 in may, a class on distillates nobles, as the Cognac, the Armagnac, the Calvados or fruit distillates. It will do so in the sommelier course organized by the denominación de Origen Ycoden Daute Isora in collaboration with the Canary Islands DOP, that since last February has brought together professionals of the sector on the island.

In this way, with Privat chat, Sommelier course continues to diversify its training to focus this time on distillates, "worthy of haute cuisine" high graduation products. In their classes, This professional will deal with the characteristics of these drinks, as well as its gastronomy-restoration site.

Indicates this expert that Spain is a "more limited" market, in it comes to spirits, for its history and tradition, something that is also due to the characteristics of the terroirs of each place. "What there is to do is imitate products outside their place of origin", says. In this sense, It points out that the Canary Islands have a few products, wines, "very special", "with character, different soils and microclimates", you manage to distinguish them in the market.

The French Pascal Privat studied at the Ecole Supérieure de Cuisine in Paris, and has worked in different countries, as Germany, Austria or France, in the world of hospitality as well as the desktop and distillates, He is currently dedicated.