The Council regulator of the protected designation of origin (DOP ) Canary Islands (Canary Wine) It sets in motion the 16th edition of the Regional competition of wines letters for hospitality, Restoration and shops specialized in order to improve and to join efforts in the presentation and contents of the Canarian restaurants wine lists, with what customers and consumers can feel more informed and knowledgeable about the wines of any of the eleven denominations of origin of the Islands.

This competition may take part in all companies and individuals dedicated to the hospitality industry, restoration and shops specializing in wines from the Canary Islands who have in their letter of a minimum of two brands of wines protected under the Canary Islands DOP. The deadline ends next 21 de junio.

The jury will consider, In addition to the presentation of the Charter, la amplitud en cuanto a la información (DO, marcas, variedades de uva, añadas, etc.), el número de referencias y los tipos en los diferentes grupos de vinos (young, traditional, varietal, cask fermentation, breeding, etc.), the Canary Islands DOP and any other denomination of origin of the archipelago, además de nacionales e internacionales, que ofrezca a su clientela el establecimiento.

The award to the best Canary wine list will be the day 1 July of 2019 in the DOP, where take place will, además, the Act of appointment of the new Ambassador of the DOP Canary Islands- Canary Wine.

Este tipo de actividades formativas se enmarcan en el compromiso continuo, clear and determined the Canary Islands AOP with the wine sector to assess the common efforts of the wine-makers of our islands, I struggle every day to maintain crop trees with traditional grapes of the archipelago. This work, junto con la introducción de modernos sistemas de conducción y técnicas de cultivo, It allows to obtain a raw material of the highest quality and the best yields in crops, that make Canary wine something unique in the world.