Two wines under the protected designation of origin (DOP) Canary Islands have been awarded in the thirty-third edition of the national competition of young wines, The BACCHUS Awards, organized since 1986 by the Spanish Union of wine tasters. It's organic wine Forastera Blanca of the winery Tamargada de La Gomera, that got the Baco de Oro, and the dry white Ferrera, awarded with the silver Baco.

For Pedro Gonzalez, owner of Bodegas Tamargada, This recognition represents a "family satisfaction and a great emotion", because the family is involved in the winery. De hecho, his brother, Alberto González, It is the winemaker for the winery and much of the quality of the wines, said Gonzalez, It is due to your work and dedication. But this award not only is good for the winery, points, It is also to the island of La Gomera and its wines.

Pedro González, that has always practiced organic farming, It is considered that all should go for that kind of crops, better for the environment. Thank you, precisely, to the care with which the owner of Bodegas Tamargada cares for its vineyards, emerging products such as the Forastera Blanca, made from white grapes foreigner, native to La Gomera, and awarded the gold medal in this edition of the Premios Baco.

Por su parte, Juan Rubén Ferrera, Director of Bodegas Ferrera and member of the directive Board of the Canary Islands DOP, He admits that it is "proud" to receive the silver Bacchus and believes it is "very important" both to promote the wines from his cellar as to outside the borders of the archipelago Canary Wine brand. "People know that in the Canary Islands there is Sun, Beach and banana, but few know their wines. This Medal, No doubt, It is good for the image of Canary Wine".

The award-winning Ferrera White dry stands out for the variety used in its production: the white listán de Canarias. This grape is grown on an organic farm to 5,000 meters high, Ferrera has, and the result is an explosive "wine, aromatic and fresh".

Both wineries Tamargada and Bodegas Ferrera will try to be present in the halls of the best young wines that will take place the days 18 Y 26 June in Alicante and Madrid, respectively. An opportunity so that attendees will know the hand of the producers themselves a selection of wines awarded with medals Baco.

The BACCHUS Awards announce improvements white labels, Pink, inks and sparkling on the most recent vintage, in this case, de 2018, After a strict blind tasting. In this edition, a total of 65 juries, all belonging to the Spanish Union of wine tasters, They analyzed the 602 registered references. Among them were journalists, as Savior Manjón, Bartolomé Sánchez and Antonio Candelas, and winemakers such as Ignacio de Miguel and Cristina Mantilla.

The high level of participation in this contest, with turnover record of registrations, It shows the consolidation of the Bacchus awards as the best wines in the country reference guide. Anything attached to the DOP Canary Islands Canaries wines awarded in this contest implies a broad recognition of the wine of the archipelago activity and the high quality of their crops and products.